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Our Approach

• We partner with clients to ‘tell their stories’

• We produce compelling communication messaging that delivers on clients' aspirations for their brands.

• We provide complete solutions, from conception to delivery.

Our Credentials

The story of Dzuguda Communications began in 2003 when the company was founded as a television and films production studio. Within a few years, the company, then known as Dzuguda Productions, had launched itself into the fiercely competitive international stage through the acclaimed film production MIX.

The film was showcased at film festivals around the world, including Denmark, Germany and the USA. Fast-forward to today, and it’s clear that the company has definitely leveraged on this momentum.

At the turn of 2011, our weekly roaster of productions comprised prime-time shows on SABC television in the form of My World, Our Moments, Ba Kae? and Courage.

Owing to our well-documented success in film and television, an impressive portfolio of government/public sector projects and corporate assignments, the company’s bouquet of services has become diversified.

Our clients have also come to expect a complete communication solution from us; one that allows them to holistically connect with their stakeholders.

To this end, in addition to our core business of film and television productions, we offer comprehensive corporate communications, events and digital media services.


What sets us apart?

• We boast an internationally recognised approach and expertise to storytelling.

• We continuously tap into our storytelling talent reservoir to bring our work to life in a compelling voice that resonates with the audience, be they a niche or mass target market.

Black Economic Empowerment

• 100% black-owned and staffed

• Strong representation of women at all levels

• Emphasis on identifying fresh talent and providing skills, development and training for previously disadvantaged individuals

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